May 27 2020

Is there some way to reset the counter or otherwise get it to recognise a partly filled cartridge, or to allow me to tell it whether it’s a new cartridge or not? I can also state that refilling of the LC cartridges is indeed possible, but you had better be prepared to have multi-coloured fingers for awhile after. I’ve at least learnt a bit about ink jet printers! Look carefully at any non-Brother cartridge you buy, and make sure it has the little plunger. Contains 25ml of high-quality ink that’s

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Sooner or later, there is going to be some kind of spill, and that isn’t good. But filling it is a breeze when you can fully see the labyrinthine nature of the interior of the cartridge.

Brother MFC-235C Printer User Manual

We advise you to take this product instead of the original! This is dangerous both mmfc the cartridge and for yourself. Usually the work around fixes this so that you can at least continue to print, but yours doesn’t want to cooperate Unfortunately, they do not open like a book as is claimed in many places.

I can also state that refilling of the LC cartridges is indeed possible, but you had better be 23c5 to have multi-coloured fingers for awhile after. Vrother is probably the source of the leaking. After you’ve done half a dozen or so, you will be mfd to do it with only inking up 2 or 3 fingers. I told her it needed a more serious look than I could give it there, and took it home with me. Even if you decide to do it blind, you should open at least one, so you get a good view of how it’s made.


This in spite of the fact she had gone and bought a whole set of genuine LC s and installed them. If Windows doesn’t have a driver, then reinstall the Brother driver. If you use Windows xp, or Vista, let them install their own brohter for the printer, if they have one. This turned out to be not too easy, but I finally got it open, to find there indeed was ink all over the sensor board.

May 18, Messages: Next test was to enter 76 then hit Mono start button, still nothing. Your name or email address: It’s like it needs a software reset.

Brother MFC C Ink Cartridges

With this we and third parties Google, Bing, etc follow your surfing behaviour on our site, we adapt advertisements to your interests and you can share pages via social media. That is in the air valve at the top rear. Perhaps it didn’t like the LC compatible carts? The LC 51s have clear case sides and not the removable cases and internal ink bag, nor the air valve arrangement of the LC You won’t be able to do it in one go, probably, so you should inject 2 or 3 ml and then turn the cartridge over and suck out the same amount of air.

The aftermarket ones she used had no plunger, just a hole with a piece of tape over it, which you remove before you put it in. The problem is that ink level indicator for all colours went down again quickly and now BK says empty, colours near empty, but all the cartridges are at least half full still.


Only your wallet will know the difference! Get high-quality prints with extended shelf life and bold, sharp colours thanks to Brother’s Innobella ink.

There is one fix you can try, put black electrical tape in the clear sides of the LC cartridges, the ink sensor should think the cartridge is full and the error should not return. Well, I have heard the Brother certain models have a faulty ink mcc problems, I am assuming that this is your problem.

The LC and LC are the same size, but with small differences around the upper and lower edges where they slide into the holder, but seem to fit into the printer properly. I then did a more thorough cleaning of the ink-stained sensor, washing it in alcohol, then rinsing and drying with hair dryer. Printer worked OK for a while, then announced that Blk cartridge was empty, however it is still over half full, also reports color cartridges near empty but also more than half full.

Return Cartridge added product. Brother LCY yellow ink cartridge original Brother.

Firstly, I think it is an egregious design flaw to have placed such a sensitive component sensor board so close to the business end of the ink cartridges.