Apr 17 2020

The limitation is double: Merged Content 1 Merged Content 1. For Nec, Optiarc, Sony and few other optical drives, use NecflashX for dumping or upgrading the firmware. Below is a list of fixes suggested by forum users, all of which offer unpredictable degrees of success or failure. Eliminates the noise made by the optical disk drive.

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He looked it up and there wasn’t one within hours of my house if you can believe it. Should have been a recall of these drives if there are so many failed ones.

Just doesn’t make sense. We havent bothered to try to fix it, because we have the other 2 computers.

Matshita DVD-R UJ-846 Writing Problem

One solution that a Mac representative gave me was to make sure the laptop sorry notebook was on a flat hard surface – this actually seemed to solve my burning DVD dilemma or it could just have been the ‘hit’ time instead of the miss anyways just experienced the problem again but on a CD this time. Sep 27, 9: Mine are as follows: I think it was on my last You make it on your own risks. Firewire data rate not fast enough to load installer program.


Typical of the idea of TidBits, your article is “the missing link” in owning a Mac.

Apple SuperDrive Firmware Update free download for Mac | MacUpdate

My problem has been hit or miss. If you are experiencing issues similar to the ones described above, consider adding your experiences to the ongoing forum thread linked at the start of this article or contacting Apple either onlineor by working with an Apple Genius at a retail store to voice your concerns. Sep 27, Ask a question Reset. One of them, certainly the most simple, is to use softwares like VLC or MPlayer which will allow you to read DVDs from each zone warning, those softwares may sometime change the region of your drive, without you to be warned, this can lock your drive on the matshitq selected zone after 5 changes Oct 8, 7: It willdisplay which region is selected in MacOS X.

Mine worked flawlessly until just after Apple care ended at the end of May.

Matshita DVD-r UJ – Apple Community

For original 1Ghz 17″ Powerbook Capabilities as well as region-free behaviour. I sent a MacBook in for similar symptoms, and Apple replaced the logic board, a cable, and a heatpipe, but not the drive itself. After discussing the problem with my daughter, who attends a college where the art school supplies Macbooks for their students, her comment to me was eye-opening.


You should know basis about your MacIntosh and region locking.

I have tried cleaning the superdrive, resetting PRAM and slowing down the writing speed. Apple SuperDrive Firmware Update 3.

It is of coursed not endorsed by anybody, in particular not Apple nor the drive manufacturer or anybody at rpc1. Internal Matshita drive is ATA data rate. Last week I bought a replacement internal Superdrive from macsales.

Thanx to Ben11 for this article source forums. This update works with the following EFI updates: It has been problematic since new. Yes Apple Shipping Drive Cache: Nothing seems to work after I updated to Snow Leopard. Oct 8, 2: The limitation is double: Sep 27, 2: I passed on their offer, bought a new drive off eBay and installed magshita myself at a significantly lower cost.