Apr 09 2020

If you cannot find one, buy any other bit IrDA transmitter. This adapter hosts the ability to interact with many devices, ranging from mobile phones to Digital cameras. It’s versatile, being able to be used with cameras, PDA’s, mobile phones, printers, laptops, other PCs – and probably more. Uploading it was easy enough – click the Operator Logo tab, and click the Update button up top. Software Next in line was the handset manager software.

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IRDA Wireless Bridge (WL-MA-620)

From the phone book screen entries can be added, deleted, edited and moved between the phone’s memory and SIM card’s memory. Okay, it’s actually the IR adapter Software is available for a wide variety of phones – including but probably not restricted to: The program can only read.

The last feature of the software is the ubiquitous ringtone editor – one of the most efficient ways to have people rolling their eyes at you. If you cannot find one, buy any irdaa bit IrDA transmitter. Major Feature 4 is picture editing.

A small oversight, but an annoying one – well, unless you have a really good ear for music and want to recreate it with the composer program. Software Next in line was the handset manager software. But we don’t know what computer or port he is using.

og: HOWTO: some experience with USB IrDA adapter (MA) on Debian Linux

Normally you cannot see the pulses of light when infra-red devices communicate because they’re below the visible wavelengths of light visible to the human eye. This software allows you to do it. Probably the most useful thing out of all this is being able to save the phone book from your phone to a file – very useful in the event of losing your phone.


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Picture: the Device Manager in Windows XP (SP2) – infrared (IrDA) dongle driver

Device Manager then noticed the IR module: The MA is obviously aimed at mobile phone users, coming with the appropriate software for communicating with handsets, and half a thousand ringtones and even more logos literally. I would expect better service after they gouge you for there IRDA device.

ira And they don’t have to be touching. Summary All in all, it’s a nifty little device, and the included software certainly helps justify the cost. Downloading the messages from the phone automatically stores them locally, without the need to manually save them to a file. Have you ever thought your mobile phone lacks in customization?

Nokia Phone Browser, on a 6101 over IRDA with a MA-620 Usb IRDA Device, Win xp sp2

I contacted the manufacturer Mobile Action Technology Inc. Share This Page Tweet. Join me while I void my warranty and proceed to display that fact to the Internet.

I selected a small text file to send over to the phone. I recently purchased a Nokia mobile phone and had noticed a few features lacking compared to my previous phones, the Nokia and Contents of the Microsoft Outlook calendar are transferred to the phone, and vice versa, enabling easy managements of your appointments and reminders. While hundreds of ringtones and graphics are a nice thing to have, none of these are named or indexed in any way that I could find. Mz those and the unit just pulls apart to reveal Below is an outline of what the software features: Check a box, hit an arrow and the contact can be sent to the phone or uploaded to Irds.


Login or Register now by clicking on the button Log in or Sign up. Although I don’t believe any product is necessarily perfect, giving this anything but a perfect score wouldn’t feel right, as it does exactly what it sets out to do and then some. Due to the simple nature of IR comms used in remote controls, they just flash a set pattern each time to transmit.

Dimension – 80 mm x 42 mm x 30 mm.

If not, which was true in our case, the MA will recognize the phone and your all set to start using the inbuilt software.