Apr 19 2020

Any use of the materials is permitted only with the written consent of the copyright holder. Sound is recorded along with video at the video record time, and as sound is supposed to be recorded at the moment when video is input, sound can not be recorded when video is not input. Cart Open a shop Sign in. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Adjust the camera for better result. This product is made by advanced technology of Kodicom and passed reliability and compatibility test. Keep product away from a electric shock or magnetic substance.

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Move to last month. Connecting external Sensor ………………………….

Kodicom DigiNet DigiNet Site(V) User Guide – ppt download

It would show you screen rotating too fast. Connecting external Sensor ……………………………………. Move to selected date and initial data Playing one picture backward Reverse playback Stop Forward playback Playing one picture forward Move to very last data from selected date 4 [Recording status while searching] Searching speed will increase if you do not record any image while searching. But, recording speed may decrease if you setup several cameras with it.

Only one channel kodivom is setup for audio can be played on full-screen mode or searching in 1channel mode. Additional external relay should be used to control on and off of device powered by AC input.


KODICOM DigiNet Center(v4.100) User Guide DigiNet.

This is not required on motion detection mode. Soundcard mixer is installed in each system. You can adjust recording rate by dragging the mouse on horizontal scroll button.

It only works within desired time and the default time is from A user enters a password for connection to a site. Back Pay via PayPal. When you click on time, you can clearly check the graph territory by three phrases hourly. To use this check on [Use] 1. Also, the image can be flipped from the rotated angle. Basically printed image size depends on the zoomed out size on the screen.

Select the type of display you want. You cannot play audio watching more than 2 channel.

Soutache necklace with kodicom and green aventurine

If you check on the box you can use Watermark function. Therefore, you can not check the data using the normal image so you have to use it with the software from the place you bought it from.

Then, the following window will appear. Once opened the name of the file will appear in the window.


Designated holiday date will be added to [Holiday List] when you click [Add]. Ex Parking lot, entrance etc. Forward playback Playing one picture backward Playing one picture forward Stop To the last 1 hour of the searched data To the last part of the selected date. You should choose one channel to play audio. How to search backup data …………………………….

Refer to Page and To erase some part of the detection area, move mouse pointer out of the screen 7 5 [Sensitivity: When setting motion detection after connecting anc center Site, it shows the initially displayed image and this function is to display it to current image. Select this button to connect znd Audio after connecting to site. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Soundcard mixer that is installed the system. Connection may not work well if something like noise and old line etc.