Apr 12 2020

Reputation of a company depends on brand value and logos help companies enhance brand awareness. To celebrate the launch of DesignCrowd India we’ve taken a look at Indian brands, companies and startups, showcasing examples of logo design from South Asia. It is then, in that the brand got its the first logo. SAIL incidentally is the largest integrated steel and Iron producer of India with a sound infrastructure for the industrial development of the country through its integrated steel plants. Which book has Chidambaram authored? This classic form stands test of time. Indian Logos Edit Vector comments.

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The White Revolution changed the face of India giving livelihood to thousands of milkmen in Indep and beyond. Due to the market demand, logo design trends are also changing in India. From an apple falling from the tree to the bitten apple, it is today, the evolution of one of the world’s biggest tech giant is worth knowing.

Today, many international brands are taking inspiration from Indian logo designs, taking care not to miss any opportunity to incorporate the maximum influence of India and their culture in logo designs and marketing campaigns.

Logo quiz: Can you recognise these brands? – Business

Now, designers in India have also started following new trends in logo designs, which has less colors, objects and graphics. New Year, New Start: May 16, Bajaj promises to live up to its 5 brand values viz. View our professional logo packages. Building Property Town Logos Set. Simple and elegant, it reflects traditional ethos combined with modernity of Titan products.


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48 Famous Brands And Their Logos – Then And Now

The very first logo and the name of the organization was indoe a phoenix, but they found out that there was already a company with a trademark on Phoenix. Here are 15 logos, some very common. They then found the famous logo in the year – a fiery fox encircling a stylized earth.

Making your Indian logo is easy with BrandCrowd Logo Maker Create a professional indian logo in minutes with our free indian logo maker. D student with Prof. This logo was created on the occasion of a world conference organized by the network in Goa in ibdeo Enter your business name and create a stunning Indian logo tailored just for you.

25 Indian Company Logo Designs

Vintage Bicycle Logo Template. A famous car company logo A.

The angular stroke is repeated on the top right end of the Shiro-Rekha to provide visual balance to the composed letterform. Doordarshan was considered one of the largest broadcasting organizations in the world in terms of studios and transmission development. Ruia Group owns this tyre brand in India. With a natural theme running throughout from the beginning, even Starbucks’ logo has undergone many changes. Ineeo future is full of energy is what the logo seems to signify with its curved lines joining together like a stream of energy fuel being poured into a vehicle.


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Yoga Tirtha Academy Designer: Logos seem to have a charming life that leads undeo positive outcome for companies in a competitive environment. It symbolically depicts a dawn of new identity of every individual, endowed with a unique number for each individual.

Indian Logo Designs

Champions League Trophy Illustration. First coined in the s by Apple Computer Co co-founder, Ronald Wayne the apple’s logo was a depiction of Isaac Newton discovering gravity.

Take a look at these famous logos for example.

But the legend below is clearly visible: