Jun 06 2020

Happy as can be and handicap going down real soon. From behind the clubs you are more easily able to see how Cleveland has moved weight behind the bottom half of the ball Once I was comfortable with the clubs I hit each of them off the extreme toe and heel to see how they would perform. Another good tip for you, try the brush tees www. The golf club is in brand new condition and has never been used on a golf course. Option 2 would be to pay for a real fitting with multiple shaft options. It sure is nice to know what hitting it yards and longer feels like from time to time. I just got the Hi Bore XL with the gold shaft and a 9.

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I must have hit about balls.

Cleveland HiBore XL Drivers

This year, I purchased the Tour model in 8. I currently play off of a 13, hoping to get into the single digits this season.

It has a raised dot in the h. I tend to deloft the face a bit normally, so I get a great trajectory, plus decent distance and less dispersion than with a regular flex shaft. Nine Holes With Gary Player. Highest pricing when you trade or sell.


My guess is XLS, They had the Van there so they made my club while I waited about 35mins. I have an unusual setup … the 16 degree SuperLoft with a stiff gold shaft. I was always able to crunch the occasional yarder but only once in a while. With this driver I feel confident of a dead straight tee ball, and usually get it, or else a tiny little fade that I like just as much. Im a 16 year old tall female with a 15 handicap.

Cleveland Hibore XL Driver | 2nd Swing Golf

It also produces good distance and a good trajectory, hybofe even with the stiff red shaft the ball flies very high. This was a great review! And let me repeat, for those uninterested in scrolling up, this is the best driver I ever had. That was a great review. The XL Tour model is made to address the ball with an open face, 3 degrees, but it is not offset either. Hitting a Launcher Comp 8. My trajectory is average. I look forward to taking it from the driving range to the golf course this coming weekend.

The red stiff shaft is a low launch as is.

I am lucky to get to with my cheapy RAM. Other than that, I think I might just go test one out myself.


Ball is arrow straight, with a slight fade. Every shot had loads of air but without losing distance. Since buying the club I have never looked back.

It is strange to look at when you first put it down, but the more you play with it, the more comforting it becomes. What got me most was that every time I really connected, it felt like a shotgun blast!!!

That cuts off a LOT of distance. Absolutely loved the feel and sound of the impact. I have always been a player who uses a 3 wood as whenever I had a go at other people drivers I always sliced. I plan on hitting both but wonder what other peoples experience has been. I hit the XL further and I’m hitting it pretty straight too for a change. What has really thrown me off lately is that the face is jybore 2 degrees, and I have really started to notice it hynore I set up over the ball.

I have a