Apr 12 2020

To specify the optimum temperature settings for printing for the fusing unit. Page Click Scan to start scanning. Load one sheet at a time on the document glass. Print And Scan Drivers The scan driver enables you to scan images directly to your personal computer and place scanned images directly into an application via USB. Select Original Type, and then press the button. Identifying The Location Of Paper Jams Do not attempt to remove a paper jammed deeply inside the product, particularly a paper wrapped around a Fusing Unit or a heat roller. Fuji Xerox recommends only new Fuji Xerox brand toner cartridges for your printer.

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Easy to configure and a excellent printer. Page 47 Basic Operation Load the printed sheet with the side to be printed on facing down, and then print a blank sheet of paper.

This problem can occur when the back release door has not been closed securely.

If the problem continues, use a different size envelope. Use only consumables recommended by Fuji Xerox.

DocuPrint CM205 b Drivers & Downloads

If the power cord is damaged or insulated wires are exposed, contact your local Fuji Xerox representative for its replacement. With the document open in your application, click File, and then click Print.


A list of available printers appears. Click the Apply New Settings button. We welcome any comments on ambiguities, errors, omissions, or missing pages. When an error or warning condition occurs, the LCD panel displays a message informing you of the problem.

Xerox DocuPrint CM205 b User Manual

I’ve had all sorts of problems since using windows Take care not to contact with the spilled toner and remove the sheets of paper spread under the removed toner cartridge. Ensure that you are using the correct USB cable and that it is securely connected to the printer.

The printer is probably the same age as windows 8, so I am at loss why it wouldn’t work in windows Page 6 Storing Consumables Does not automatically adjust color registration. If you swallow toner, spit it out, rinse your mouth with water, drink plenty of water isntall consult a. Place a single document face down on the document glass, and close the document cover.

Replacing Toner Cartridges – Xerox DocuPrint CM B User Manual [Page ]

insttall Scanning Problems Problem Action The scanner does not work. Online Services Fuji Xerox Online Support Assistant provides instructions and troubleshooting guides to resolve your printer problems.

Slide the length guide towards the printer until it touches the print media. Bead-carry-out bco Select the value close to the altitude of cm205h location where the printer is installed.


My machine worked fine til windows 10 but unless you want to buy a newer model, these tricks should get you out of trouble. Ibstall the icon for your printer, and then select Printing Preferences. CMB Can I print double sided? Panel Lock Function This feature prevents unauthorized users from changing settings made by the administrator. Jam Problems If the problem continues, use print media that is not damp.

Unfortunately this printer can’t be run off my Synology NAS – but again, this printer was not on their compatibility list so I can’t complain the printer came before the NAS. The following are examples of items that may be illegal to copy or print in your country.

Already done but same result. Page Lift the printer and move it gently. Retry when the printer does not process any job.

Mostly it doesn’t want to recognise that the printer is there.