Sep 16 2020

Read through the list below to find the solution to your situation. Six digitizing modes are available, but only one can be used at a time: Delete it with [Remove tablet] and then go to Solution 1. Hold or temporarily tape the card in place to keep it from moving during the configuration process. It is a fast, efficient and commonly used format. Please try again in a few minutes. Roll-Up II 9 Table 1:

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The wt superscript indicates WinTab-compliant applications. Roll-Up II can produce two kinds of binary formats: Place the card in the active area of the tablet the entire menu must gtcoo in the active area.

Once the command is complete, send a or hex 1B to exit command mode.

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This format is five bytes long and is frequently transmitted at baud. Don’t rol-up a manual you are looking for? Using the Cu stom Co nfiguration Menu. Transport ing the Roll -Up II.


Standard Oper ating Inform ation. Connect the interface cable to the appropriate jack on the connector panel. If you are programming for the Roll-Up II product line, the topics listed below will roll-ip useful: Please provide as much detail as possible. To select Line Mode: However, most of the commands in this subset have equivalent Roll-Up II commands. See the “Install” page for more information.

The second character in this command sets the rate, as shown in the table below.

Seven 7 or Eight 8. Programs can send commands to the digitizer to turn the audio tone generator on and off. Electronic items often emit radio waves. Care and Handlin g. Notice Some states and provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusion may not apply to you.

Saved gto allow you to switch between applications quickly. To save the ro,l-up in a user-definable location: This controls the extra Line Feed roll-jp each input, turning it off. Both Roll-Up II and the computer must have identical formats and rates.


Digitizer and software used by California commercial concrete contractor. Roll-Up II 34 buffer full; a modem to indicate carrier detect; and a time-shared computer that services multiple users on a time-available basis.

GTCO Roll-Up II – Users Guide User Manual

Join the 9-pin connector of the interface cable to the serial port on the computer. Content feedback is currently offline for maintenance.

If a red “X” appears over the digitizer, then proceed to “Solution 2”. Roll-Up II 32 Figure 5: Then highlight your digitizer and click the [Remove tablet] button. Roll-Up II 52 Table 5: Roll-Up II 58 Table See the Configuration page for goll-up information. To select Point Mode: