May 07 2020

All resolutions supported up to DPI. Supports 75, , , , x dpi resolutions. Product id 0xe is supported by the gt68xx backend. It’s not known if it may work with epson or epkowa backend. Also serves as example for SANE backend options. More information about valid syntax for SCSI devices can be found in sane-scsi 5. The –sharpness switch sets the sharpness of the image data.

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Supports IPv4 and IPv6. Does grayscale or colour scans in the following sizes: The default is “yes”.

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Product id 0xb is supported by the gt68xx backend. Product id 0x is unsupported but may be supported by the genesys backend in future. Transparency adapter completely untested. Valid command line options and their syntax can be listed by using scanimage –help -d epkowa Not all devices support all options. The correct special device file has to be created prior to using it with Sane.

The list reported by the scanner can be displayed using the “–help -d epkowa” parameters to scanimage. Valid options are the numbers from -3 to 3. See link for a project for that scanner taht may support it in future. The –sharpness switch sets the sharpness of the image data.


If the scanner is not even recognized as an EPSON scanner it is probably because the device name eported by the scanner is not in the correct format. While an external binary-only backend exists, it works only on Linux i If a user defined table for the gamma correction is selected, the brightness parameter is not available.

The geometry options -l -t -x -y control the scan area: An integer number starting at the beginning of a line will be interpreted as the IO address of the parallel port. However, at this stage, only a handful of cameras are definitely known to work with SANE.

Hardware only scans in color. Maybe similar to Px-a60 Scanner ? The –mirror option controls the way the image is scanned. Parallel interface requires ppscsi driver and epst module.

Проект OpenNet: MAN sane-epkowa (5) Форматы файлов (FreeBSD и Linux)

The –red-gamma-table parameter can be used to download a user defined gamma table for the red channel. Apparently all other devices are re-badged Artec scanners. At present, the following scanners are known to work with this backend: Epsoon PNM files Comment: Multiple cameras supported by the gphoto2 libraries Comment: Some scanners will internally use 36 bit color, the external interface however does only support 24 bits.


All resolutions supported up to DPI. Certain non-scanning features, such as those related to scanner maintenance, are not supported. Same as and but includes a TA. Software creates other resolutions, plus grayscale and binary modes. If you have new information or corrections, please file a bug report with as many details as possible. The backend needs work px-x620 in the quantization code but it may work.

Dmitri Katchalov did some investigations on this scanner.