Apr 17 2020

Partial [ 4 ] R, Select, Start not working. Support for exotic controller types not guaranteed. In addition to the devices shown in the table above, Rewired has an option to attempt to support all unknown gamepads. There is no way to reliably determine which controller is attached. Not yet mapped OSX: On fallback platforms that use Unity’s input system, Unity provides no way to identify the controller apart from a single name string.

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Not yet mapped OSX: For the lightguns to work properly in Rewired, you must set the light gun mode to “Joystick” in the Gaempad Guns Pro Utility.

Gampead [ 2 ] 2 wheel buttons, reverse gear not working. Each time upon attaching the device to the system, you must push and pull each shaft fully through its complete range of motion. Support for exotic controller types not guaranteed. No [ 10 ] Switch: Therefore, none of these devices are mapped so all can be mapped by the user using the Unknown Controller map.


Yes [ 19 ]. Be sure to read the software license agreement carefully before downloading the file.

In order to use these devices with Rewired, you must disable native input in Windows by setting the Primary Input Source to “Unity. Yes Android mode only. Sony DualShock 2 Insten Adapter [ 7 ].

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Rewired Website Web Documentation. Yes Vibration not supported. Documentation Overview Release Notes Essentials: Which controllers are supported by the Standard Gamepad varies across browsers.

This is our second Blast Zone! And of course, I’ll mail it back. Supports XInput e,ecom controllers with customizable vibrations. For example, you can have a private 32 player online Battle Royale match using just 4 machines, each with 8 real players.

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Partial D-pad, all center buttons not working. Downloading the file assumes that you agree to this agreement. Partial Mode B only, L2, R2 not working. There is no solution to supporting these controllers fully in Android short of writing a native input library to replace Unity as the input source.


Rewired Documentation | Supported Controllers

Partial [ 4 ] Most buttons, right hat not working. Partial [ 4 ] Base buttons not working. Maybe [ 13 ]. For all other controllers that do not appear in the following tables, please see this important note.

Partial [ 4 ] T6, Lever down buttons not working. How to install Double-click the downloaded file to start the driver installation. Some of the above controllers may be indirectly supported through the use of Custom Controllers. Partial Select, Elexom not working.

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Partial [ yp20 ] Many elements not working. Partial [ 4 ] All hats, pull trigger not working. Partial [ 2 ] Buttons not working.