May 08 2020

Any alignment aids on a black driver can really help. Again, no alignment aid on the Tour version; inch shaft is a little whippy. So I decided that it was finally time to trade in buy callaway diablo octane Dunlop 1-Wood for an actual driver. Was thinking about putting a circle with a line through the logo… now, I can just explain, its a bull! March Test Team: Virtually overnight, what once was golf’s most difficult club to hit the driver quickly became the easiest and most coveted not to mention most marketed club in the bag. The Tour model is more traditionally shaped, with less distance from front to back and a streamlined heel region for a more pear-like shape.

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On center hits, it is at least 5 yards longer and even more on off center hits. If you prefer to use your own shipping service, you are welcome to do that at your own expense. The Diablo Octane Drivers are configured to deliver unmatched power and precision through superior diabli, construction and advanced materials. The Hyperbolic face otane hot virtually everywhere, with mis-hits losing only a small amount of distance. Callaway adds some fuel to their Diablo line with the new Diablo Octane and Diablo Octane Tour drivers and fairway woods.

We Tried It: Callaway RAZR & Diablo Octane Drivers

I have the Octane and really wanted to purchase a Razor Fit because I am not crazy about the looks of the head on the Octane. Callaway Diablo Octane Tour 9.

In fact, we found the standard model to produce more backspin on off-center hits, which helped keep the ball in the air longer and fly straighter.


Because of its strength and lightness, engineers could better manipulate the internal weighting for a higher MOI as well as lengthen the shaft to 46 inches—also like the RAZR Hawk drivers. Great shaping; exceptional feel and control and distance. Virtually overnight, what once was golf’s most difficult club to hit the driver quickly became the easiest and most coveted not to mention most marketed club in the bag.

So when I recently got a set of Callaway X irons and was so impressed by their weight distribution and ease of swing, I became an instant Callaway fan.

It was the entrance of the oversized metalwood that defied convention in terms of shape, materials and volume.

What happens when an established golf equipment manufacturer creates a research and development partnership with an Italian automaker known for their insanely fast supercars?

Plus, the slice that I have slowly developed over the past couple of years is virtually non-existent now, with this club.

Callaway say the new incarnation is considerably longer than the Diablo Edge driver from fiablo year. The standard also comes in a Draw model, and both the standard and Tour model come in a variety of loft and shaft flex configurations.

Our only gripe is a minor one: As one would expect, the standard version is larger, with a deeper CG to help the player to get the ball higher in the air.

The Diablo Octane Tour is all black, again with no alignment aid. Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review.

Callaway Diablo Octane Driver

Does the condition of my used golf clubs affect the value? But its shape is considerably different than the standard model, with its more rounded, stout, deep-faced configuration that’s 10cc smaller than the standard model. Put it this way: On another note, we will say it took a few swings to acclimate to the inch shaft, since not only do you have to adjust your setup especially if you normally play a inch or less shaftbut you also have to flatten your swing a bit.


With the standard model, the Diablo Octane had a larger toe region a common spot where amateurs mis-hit and a large alignment aid on the crown that shows the Forged Composite material. Again, no alignment aid on the Tour version; inch shaft is a little whippy. After using this club though, I can see how easily it would have been to justify spending that.

We Tried It: Callaway RAZR & Diablo Octane Drivers – Golf Tips Magazine

calllaway Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Buy callaway diablo octane Diablo Octane Driver I thought that the regular flex shaft would be fine.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The only loft available to both righties and lefties is the While the new cc Diablo Octane shares some features with its predecessor, the Diablo Edge driver —like a chemically-milled hyperbolic cup face and titanium sole plate—the biggest difference between the clubs is the use of a new material Callaway calls Forged Composite.

The clubhead of the Diablo Octane is lighter and more efficient than previous models, which helps milk increased clubhead speeds. Callaway Diablo Octane Driver Introducing Forged Composite, a revolutionary new material that is lighter, stronger than titanium.