Sep 16 2020

I consider this a very high value for the price and recommend it highly. From its included mini tripod set up and ease of use on all my USB enabled products, to the exceptional audio quality on all of the various recordings I do, I found this microphone to be everything I had hoped for. I have a daily radio program and this mic is my favorite usb mic. If you raise the volume, the noise will get so high that the recording is trash. You may contact Audio-Technica Europe for further assistance. Please contact our Service Department at ext. I see videos everyday on the Internet that are from big name companies that sound like they were recorded from the bottom of a barrel.

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I am totally impressed with the recordings I’ve made with this mic! Christbearer McComb, MS I see videos everyday ksb the Internet that are from big name companies that sound like they were recorded from the bottom of a barrel. It turns out it’s a windows driver issue, and audio-technica have completely failed to provide a replacement driver. It allows me to hear nuances in all areas of my recording needs that do not get picked up with basic recording equipment.


AT USB Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone for Recording (DISCONTINUED) || Audio-Technica

There is no latency in the earphone jack as well. The variable dial allows you to determine how much of each of those signals you desire to help recording with latency issues. Please contact our Audio Solutions Department at ext or at audio-solutions atus.

You may contact local Audio-Technica Global Division for further assistance. This way you can connect to an interface.

I knew I was missing something so I explored options for better quality products. Worked great on my laptop until I updated it from Windows 7 to Windows Many people have complained about this, but no action is made by Audio Technica or Microsoft.

I just plugged it in and it worked. For Mono recording it’s perfect. I was using various Blue usb mics and had loads of white noise.

The sound is clear and accurate for the human voice and the built-in USB connection eliminates the need for and external mixer or analog-to-digital converter.

In reproducing piano music, singing, and voiceover recordings the AT performs at a very high-level.

I record vocals and voice overs, and wanted a quality mic. However that means I went into this blind and I have a pretty different perspective in this field. Enjoy your time, enjoy your music and enjoy LIFE: Latency is inherent with any digital connection.


The microphone uses the USB audio codec that is part of the operating system. The microphone has been great! I also have the xlr version which had to have a mixer. The box says the microphone works with Windows 7, but the manual included with the microphone makes no reference to the setup and use of the microphone on a Windows 7 machine.

When I travel I use the small stand or take my desk mic stand in two pieces. I am very disappointed. Bought this microphone a few years ago and I love it.

I have not been disappointed. Please mix our Audio Solutions Department at ext or at audio-solutions atus. Keat Springfield Missouri Well, let me start by sharing This prouduct was very easy to use.


I purchased around a year ago, and I love it. I bought an after market foam pop filter. I can get an amazing warm sound with no ad ons!