Apr 23 2020

The Photo Comparator The photo comparator uses two photodiodes as a “photo bridge” to sense when the light level on the left and right photodiode s is balanced or unbalanced. Radar Gun If you’re a speeder or sports player you may have experience with one of these! Don’t Have an Account? I ended up using a VCR pinch roller, which has a very free-rotating bearing but had to be laboriously stripped of its rubber wheel. Both sides will be latched OFF. This guy is pretty active in bright light, churning his way in straight line. The flexible solar cell is wrapped around two toy wheels, one of which has its center removed for the motor.

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The flexible solar cell is wrapped around two toy wheels, one of which has its center removed for the motor. Q3 is also OFF.

Octal Inverting Buffer

When Mptor is brightly lit it sources current into the base of Q2. So tie pins 1 and 19 to ground to enable all of the inverter s inside the ‘ chip.

Quote of the day.

VI The waist reverser uses two inverter s in U8 and is connected between one output of each of the U6 and U7 master bicore s and the waist slave bicore circuit inputs described in V. Mottor 78M05 regulates output voltage to within mV i.

Here is the complete circuit. The reciprocating waist motor is mounted horizontally raising one pair of legs in the air while the other pair of legs are lowered on the floor. I used a platter from a laptop hard 74ac2440 as the bumper.


You can see the solar engine here:. This is an octal buffer. You Might Also Like [ Hide ]. The Slave Bicores The slave bicore s delay the phase angle of the front legs with respect to the rear legs which are controlled by the master bicore s. Either use the tip of the hot glue gun to heat the metal before glueing, or use epoxy. This causes the legs to both move forwards or backwards together or to rotate the body of the walker slightly with each step of those legs until the light level is balanced on the two photodiode s.

It has a cog attached to the spindle, which allowed me to mount it in a drilled-out hard drive part for the base. Both sides will be latched ON.

Nv-based stepper motor drive

You cannot source the 74xx where you are. I actually used a 74HCT by mistake meant to use an HCbut it seems to motro pretty well anyway! This a pummer that I built. This chip is often considered the heart of Nv net technology, since each Schmitt inverter is individually-accessible and so each, along with a capacitorcan be turned into a Nv neuron. Why not replace the octal buffer with a pair of transistors? The circuit is the basic power smart head circuitwith a Miller solar engine.

May 23, 6. This chip was designed for data transmission uses, but we’ll misuse it as a motor driver chip each buffer essentially amplifies current to drive motors from Nv net signals 80 ma per channel. I solved this by hot-glueing a small bearing from a floppy drive stepper motor over the skid. A high voltage on those pins would be a low voltage at buffer’s tri-state controls and would turn the buffers 74ax240.


When the photo bridge is motro, the midpoint voltage of the bridge stops the HLO oscillation. The innards of this beast are shown below. I just meant to ask whether I can use another octal buffer IC in this circuit.

I have no idea what it does.

Many thanks to Wilf Rigter for helping me figure most of this out; as usual, though, complaints, comments, and harangues should be directed to this page’s maintainer. The motor is a Nihon gear motor from a lens assembly courtesy of Fair Radio Salesepoxied into a base made from hard drive motor parts.

These infrared photodiodes are a proven light sensor in BEAM technology. Layout of the P5V2 circuit — click to expand. Interestingly, this method of phase locking relies on the fact that normally both bicore are oscillating at nearly the same frequency but with one slightly faster than the other.